Neon picnic. Somewhere outside Graz, Austria. 2017

Neon picnic. Somewhere outside Graz, Austria. 2017


I am an Irish artist based in the rural boglands Co. Offaly, Ireland.

My work is concerned with landscape and deep time. I am fascinated by the spectrum of human engagement with landscape throughout history and the incredible forms this has resulted in from megalithic monuments to the underground cavities of contemporary mines.

My work originates from an experience of landscape and a consideration of human engagement within it from an anthropological perspective, always questioning what constructed forms, whether functional or abstract say about the spiritual dimension of a people.

I work primarily in large scale sculpture and am particularly passionate about the creation of public works that intervene in the development and evolution of landscapes. I am interested in developing works that reach new and incidental audiences and that can endure and resonate over time.

I co-founded and co-directed The Good Hatchery studios in Co. Offaly with Carl Giffney from 2007-2016, for more on that and our past collaborations please visit

If you would like any further information on any of the works imaged on this site please drop me an email. Thanks!